The Bench Transformator is the output of a 5-days university workshop held by Antal Lakner at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Architecture.
Our team focused on the disciplinary architecture of public spaces. Several urban objects discipline citizens, even if they did not notice that. Common wooden benches allow you to sit or even lay down. Sitting people can choose the distance between themselves depending on who is sitting nexto to them.
The common wavy metal bench force individuals to keep a certain distance and to sit only in the regular way. Due to the material of the bench (metal), cold or hot weather makes it almost impossible, but at least uncomfortable, to sit down. As an ephemeral project, we built and installed a transformer for a more comfortable urban space.
The project was based on the theories of Michael Foucault (Discipline and Punish. 1975) and Edward T. Hall (Hidden Dimension. 1966).
Team: Barbara Henk, Laura Baróthy, Dóra Máthé
Tutor: Antal Lakner
Project date: October 2007
Project Site: St. Gellért square, Budapest (HU)
The transformator suddenly disappeared after eight days. We believe it still makes someone's life a little more comfortable.

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