Glocal Architecture
Yearbook, 2019 of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Doctoral School of Architecture

GLOCAL [adjective] reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.

All essays and shorter articles of the yearbook 2019 are focusing on the topic of glocal architecture (i.e., intercultural architecture, local adaptations of international challenges). The book tries to catch this contradictory term by visual tools. Colors and typography aim to represent both mechanical and organic, both artificial and natural, at the same time, while the layout continues the arrangement of the previous issues, however slightly redesigned.
TYPEFACES: Pilowlava, Vesper, Avenir
COLORS: black, Pantone 584U blue
PRINTING: 2 color offset + UV varnish
COPIES: limited edition of 300 copies, manually numbered on the last page
BINDING: softcover book with section sewn binding
PAPER: Munken Lynx 100gsm, Munken Lynx 300gsm
MANUFACTURER: Elektroproduct Kft
EDITOR: Levente Szabó (in memoriam Béla Kerékgyártó)
AUTHORS: Melinda Bognár, Tímea Deichler, András Gyökér, Dániel Jakab, Olívia Kurucz, Károly Lehel Kovács, Zoltán Major, Péter Müllner, Bettina Ónodi, Gabriella Öcsi, Bálint Rigó, Dániel Ritter, Anett Virág

PHOTOS: Balázs Danyi
SPECIAL THANKS: Gabriella Öcsi, Gergely Sági, Péter Müllner, Olívia Kurucz, Károly Lehel Kovács, Dániel Jakab

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